Overdose Reduction Technology: ODR™

Alitair's patented overdose reduction formulation ODR™ acts as a passive drug formulation system to reduce the risk of prescription drug overdose no matter how many tablets or capsules are ingested. ODR™ technology provides appropriate release of a drug at labeled doses but limits drug release at excessive doses. 

The Prescription Drug Overdose Crisis

Prescription drug overdose is a growing crisis in the U.S., resulting in more than one million emergency department visits annually, at an estimated cost of $4 billion per year. Those one million emergency department visits result in as many as 150,000 hospital admissions per year at an estimated cost of $1.4 billion annually. Prescription drug overdoses result in more than 20,000 deaths annually, more than double the number of deaths caused by illegal drug abuse. Clearly, there is an urgent need for a technology that can reduce prescription drug overdose events.

Source: CDC


Overdose Reduction Strategy: ODR™
Although the need for over dose reduction is great, there is presently no drug delivery technology adequately addresses this need. Alitair’s ODR™ technology is not a behavioral program and does not involve any training, education, or labeling. ODR™ is a drug delivery technology that functions passively as part of a drug’s dosage form, limiting the amount of drug released in the digestive system based on the total amount of drug ingested. With ODR™, safety is built in to the dosage form using approved excipients and well-established manufacturing technology. 



These data demonstrate that ODR™ can regulate extent of drug release using the exact same formulation. Labeled doses have high extent of release, while excessive doses have low extent of release. Our ODR™ technology allows the labeled dose to work effectively but will protect an individual in the event of a higher dose, regardless of whether it is ingested by accident or intentionally.


Abuse Deterrence Properties Inherent to ODR™

ODR™ has the potential to protect patients from prescription drug overdose, and ODR™ also includes abuse deterrence properties. Our ODR™ technology cannot be circumvented by means commonly employed today, such as crushing the capsules or tablets and smoking or snorting the actives. 

Significant Market Opportunity for ODR™


Initial tests indicate that ODR™ will work across a broad range of prescription drugs including opioids, anti-depressants and tranquilizers. Clinical testing in humans is the next step for ODR™. We estimate the market at 200 million prescriptions. At a price of approximately $100 per prescription for products utilizing ODR™, ODR™ represents a $20 billion market opportunity.