William W. Howard, Ph.D., MBA
President & Chairman

William HowardDr. William W. Howard has twenty-five years of pharmaceutical experience ranging from laboratory research, to the roll out of sales forces in Europe, to the development of new FDA approved products.  Howard has worked to develop new products in many categories of prescription and OTC drugs including COPD, Cough, Smoking Cessation, Cholesterol Reduction, Anti-Ulcer, Anti-Arthritic and Migraine therapy.  
He began his pharmaceutical career with research on drugs of abuse.  Following a stint of teaching at Dartmouth College and a post-doctoral at Northwestern, he entered the pharmaceutical industry with the Miles Labs division of Bayer and then moved to Parke-Davis as head of Marketing Management Science. He left Parke-Davis to found Ellard Inc., a pharmaceutical marketing software company and later, after selling Ellard, he founded SDM Inc., a highly successful global consulting firm. Dr. Howard became involved with Adams in 2001 when the first approval letter for Mucinex┬« was received and he was asked to help with the unexpected OTC status of the product.  He continued as a consultant for Adams until 2004 when he joined the company and later became Senior Vice President of New Products and Business Development.  

As Sr. VP, he managed all new product development initiatives and all corporate M&A, business development and licensing activity for the company. In addition, he was responsible for managing the development of new intellectual property on a global basis.  Dr. Howard was a member of the Business Operations Team (BOT) and was the key driver of the development of the strategic plan employed by Adams. He played a critical role in the initial contact with Reckitt-Benckiser.

William Howard received a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Cleveland State University and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and Statistics from the University of New Mexico.  He did post-doctoral work in epidemiology at the Center for Health Services at Northwestern University where he did research on infant mortality.  He holds an MBA from Frederick Taylor University.